About Us

Blackhorse: Empowering Enterprises with
Comprehensive Funding Solutions

Blackhorse was established and founded by Tony Hayes with the aim of providing exceptional management services and funding solutions to companies across different industries. Our aim is to help companies grow and succeed by complementing their in-house expertise with our specialized services.

As a subsidiary of Blackhorse Holdings LLC, Blackhorse International Trade has gained a reputation for its exceptional expertise in collateral provision, fund management, investments, commodities, and trading platforms. With years of experience in empowering businesses across different countries and industries, we have successfully delivered up to US$8.2 billion worth of lines of credit through DLCs and SBLCs to our clients. We not only offer bank instruments, but we also provide clients with the option to monetize their bank instruments. Visit our website for more information on our involvement in various sectors and access helpful templates to guide you in the right direction. Our funding program is tailored to provide clients access to funding from US$1 million upwards to US$5 billion.


Our mission is rooted in a strong ethical foundation, and we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. At the heart of our business lies a deep commitment to our clients’ success. Whether we are negotiating funding solutions or investment opportunities, we approach every interaction with honesty, transparency, and a genuine desire to see our clients thrive.


Our vision is to deliver superior funding and investment opportunities to our customers globally, accessible anytime and anywhere. We achieve this through online guidance, a user-friendly website, clear instructions, and expedited service delivery via our affiliated offices and partners.

Core Ethos: Our Guiding Principles

We differentiate ourselves from competitors by using a unique method to provide bank instruments and credit lines. We leverage our own bank accounts with reputable institutions like HSBC and BNP Paribas. We take pride in being self-sufficient and not relying on external funding. To further strengthen our credibility, we utilize our law firm’s account to receive payments for customer fees.
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Global Footprint

Our Diverse Presence Across Key Regions

Currently, we have taken root in several geographically diverse regions across the globe, namely the United Kingdom, wherein our operational base is nestled in the metropolitan expanse of London. Similarly, in India, we have established offices in the thriving city of Bangalore. Additionally, in the United States, we have extended our reach to two pivotal financial hubs, New York and Chicago, both of which boast significant commercial activity and serve as the epicenters of our North American operations.

With an extensive network of contacts and consultants that extends across the globe, we possess the capacity to cultivate links and partnerships that facilitate the achievement of our objectives and enable us to identify unexplored avenues for promoting growth. Our organization is consistently in pursuit of fresh talent, and the nature of the relationship that we build with our associates is entirely at their discretion. Our associates benefit from an equitable profit-sharing program, and our professionals receive unfailing support in their endeavors. For further information, please visit our help center.

“Leverage is the key to making what you have go much further. Just like a crowbar or a moving dolly, leverage allows you to harness the power of good positioning and the strategic application of energy to move mountains. As an entrepreneur, you’re often dealing with limited resources, be they time, money or manpower, to try to radically change the world. Leverage is the key to Success”

Sir Patrick Bijou

Founder & Chairman