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What We Do

Our primary goal is to establish strategic alliances with our esteemed clientele, aiming to develop tailored solutions that align with their specific objectives. Furthermore, through cultivating enduring partnerships with highly skilled investment managers and capitalizing on our industry standing, we endeavor to secure advantageous terms on behalf of our clients.
Our team comprises highly skilled and seasoned professionals who possess the expertise to acquire unique and diverse investment opportunities within a wide range of alternative investment activities. The caliber of our personnel serves as a fundamental catalyst for our achievements.
With our extensive scale and wide-ranging network of relationships, coupled with Blackhorse’s global presence, we are equipped to effectively identify, assess, and execute new investment opportunities. Furthermore, our considerable size affords us the ability to engage in tailored mandates and secure enhanced terms with fund managers, thereby directly benefiting our valued investors.

Our Hedge Fund Solutions

Blackhorse specializes in providing clients with comprehensive outsourcing solutions that optimize their operations. By seamlessly integrating hedge fund administration services and financing solutions into a single offering, we ensure that we possess a distinct advantage in meeting the dynamic requirements of hedge funds.

Our commitment to sustainable growth enables us to forge enduring partnerships, consistently adapting to the evolving landscape of the industry.

With our hedge fund solutions, we cater to a diverse array of investment strategies, encompassing the entire liquidity spectrum and accommodating varying levels of complexity.

What Sets Us Apart

“Our clients are our top priority, and we strive to provide an optimal range of solutions while ensuring a seamless experience for them. Our exceptional client service, recognized by multiple prestigious awards, ensures that you receive timely support, enabling you to concentrate on your primary goals”

– Tony Hayes

Global Coverage

We possess the capability to cater to clients across various jurisdictions worldwide, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and Ireland. Our diverse network of operational locations enables us to provide comprehensive service to clients across the globe.

Multi Product Platform

Our comprehensive Blackhorse integrated model provides clients with a comprehensive solution for hedge fund outsourcing, encompassing core fund administration, depositary and custody services, cash management, foreign exchange, financing, and prime brokerage solutions.

Extensive Range of Services

We are among a select group of global providers with the expertise to offer comprehensive front-to-back fund services to clients in the alternative, traditional, and asset-owner sectors. Our capabilities span across all investment strategies and asset classes.

Digital Innovation

We prioritize strategic investments in digital transformation, innovation, and cutting-edge technologies to optimize core services and empower clients in enhancing their hedge fund operations, all while mitigating costs and minimizing risks.


Our esteemed international consortium consists of exceptionally talented professionals within the asset servicing sector. They possess profound expertise and consistently contribute to publications addressing prevailing market dynamics and the complex hurdles confronted by hedge fund managers.

Client-centric services

Blackhorse provides client-centric services that prioritize client needs and satisfaction, guaranteeing the effective and efficient achievement of their objectives.