Going Global: Elevate Your Trade Finance Game with Blackhorse

With years of experience under our belt, Blackhorse is a trusted expert when it comes to managing Letters of Credit (also known as documentary credits). As one of the four principal mechanisms for settling international trade debts, we understand the importance of ensuring your transactions are seamless and efficient. Whether you prefer bills of exchange, open accounts, advance payments, or Letters of Credit, we have the expertise to guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals.


What We Offer

At Blackhorse, we take pride in our extensive experience in managing Letters of Credit, supported by a team of specialized staff trained by leading banks. Our experts offer advisory services for the preparation and presentation of your Letters of Credit until they are paid, ensuring your export documentation is swiftly authorized. We assist with your Letter of Credit regardless of the agreed Incoterm and our involvement in freight management or JVA placement. Our clients’ Letters of Credit are delivered via the Bank SWIFT Network, utilizing our reliable and efficient delivery and authentication process to ensure successful delivery. Trust Blackhorse to deliver a premium trade finance service that meets your needs.

Why Blackhorse?

Unlock Your Trade Potential with BLACKHORSE’s Unsecured Letters of Credit – No Collateral Required! Our Fees Range from 3-14.5%, Depending on Transaction, Client, and Jurisdiction. LCs Primarily Issued by Top Banks, Including HSBC London, HSBC Hong Kong, and BNP Paribas. Plus, Enjoy 2 Tiers of Protection for all client deposits : Corporate Refund Undertaking and Non-Performance Penalty. At BLACKHORSE, We Value Our Client Relationships Above All Else.

72 Hour Delivery

DLC Delivered in 72 Hours upon Completion of Documentation and Payments.

Less Restrictive

Simplified Control Clauses: Our DLC Requirements Outshines Other Banks

Any Country

Expand Your Trade Horizons with Our Global DLC Services - Any Country, Anytime


Our Suite of Trade Finance Offerings